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Deliolending, the first exchange-based cryptocurrency lending service

Deliolending’s lending services are provided on all exchanges internationally through Deliolending API.
Users can take advantage of our simple lending service by securing cryptocurrency held in their exchanges.

Deliolending aims to be the top cryptocurrency financial service from Asia to the world.



Deliolending, It’s So Different


Worldwide cryptocurrency
exchange users can quickly and
easily use the Deliolending service
on the exchanges.


API allows a global
Deliolending service.

Less Legal

Less legal risks since cryptocurrency assets are used as collateral and payment methods, which is not considered financial business.

[Patent] Cryptocurrency Loan System based on
security by user’s exchange wallet
1. Loan Application

Loan application through user account

3. Loan Execution

Loan provided to user after loan admission

2. Loan Admission

Account balance secured for loan admission



Deliolending, along with participant

The Lending Service is Done on the “Exchange”.

No sign-up is necessary for lending service, while quick and easy loan is offered with cryptocurrency held in the exchange.

A Chance for "Fiat Loan“ and “Profit Realization“.

Exchange users will have the opportunity to earn fiat loans and generate more profit through Deliolending. Keep your cryptocurrency from now, get cash and earn revenue through loan.

Deliolending Investment is a “Risk-Free Investment”.

Deliolending investors are risk-free from principal loss and can generate 18% of handling fee from cryptocurrency secured loans through exchanges.

A “Source” of New Profit Generation.

Deliolending increases the exchange’s trading volume, commissions and the number of new customers who wants cryptocurrency lending services. Also, no operation expense is incurred since our service runs without additional system installation.

Delio is “Spreading” Across the World.

Exchange users must hold at least 5,000 DLO in order to take advantage of Deliolending; it means Deliolending spreads through the exchanges across the world.


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Exchange Partner

Deliolending is serviced on global cryptocurrency exchanges. If you would like to adopt Deliolending service to your exchange, please contact us below.

Loan Fund Partner

Deliolending has many benefits of fund management. For risk-free and efficient asset management, please contact us below.



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Delio transfers cryptocurrency donation to rising soccer players through ‘Delipop’


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Delio’s ‘Delipop’ — Blockchain P2P Donation Platform — helps Rising Soccer Players

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